Summer Reading


Dear Parents:

        We are sorry, but the Summer Reading in Spanish for 6th grade students has changed due to unavailability from the publisher.  The new Summer Reading in Spanish for the students going to 6th grade is:
iEstás despedida!  
De: Rachel Flynn
Casa Editora SM
ISBN No. 978-84-348-8873-9
Price: $11.25
        The book has been ordered and will be available in our Library.


Everyone needs to develop a love for reading. It’s never too late to start. We feed the Body with food and exercise. . .we feed the Soul by going to Mass and receiving the Eucharist. . .we need to balance this off by feeding the mind through reading. One book in Spanish and one in English is really not a lot at all. Really they should read more, but let’s start with at least two books. They are short; they cost very little. In this effort, every student should read the books from Kindergarten through 8th grade. For your convenience, these books can be purchased here in school.

Happy Reading!, Sister Mary Andreen, OSF Principal